Google Password Manager now has a shortcut on the Android home screen

What you need to know

  • Google’s Password Manager gets new features.
  • It can now be added as a home screen shortcut on Android devices.
  • The functionality comes after a recent Google Play Service update.
  • Google is also bringing on-device encryption for its password manager.

Google now lets you add its Password Manager to your Android home screen alongside other apps. The capability comes through a Google Play Services update recently released for Android devices. The new feature allows you to access or access your passwords faster instead of searching through the device or Chrome’s settings when you need to.

The search giant’s service may not be one of the best password manager options available – it’s still secure, encrypted, and synced with your Google account. Users can easily access them as they wish on both platforms, Android or iOS (from the Chrome app).

The new capability requires Android users to update Google Play Services to version 22.18 (reports 9to5Google† After installing the update, Android users can access Password Manager from their device by navigating to Settings > Privacy > Google Autofill Service > Passwords† From there, click on the gear icon at the top to enter additional settings, where you’ll find the “Add shortcut to your home screen” option. The last part is relatively similar to adding a web page to your screen from the Chrome browser.

Google Password Manager Shortcut

(Image credit: 9to5Google)

The process seems clunky, but it’s still worth a try since you only have to do it once. While there is no option to add biometric authentication to access the Passwords shortcut, you still need the respective biometrics to verify the saved credentials.

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