sen. Rick Scott objects to parts of the Texas GOP platform

WASHINGTON (AP) – Florida Sen. Rick Scott, chairman of the GOP Senate Election Commission, criticized the The New Texas Republican Party Platform because it was not “inclusive” when it described homosexuality as “an abnormal lifestyle choice”.

Scott spoke to reporters over breakfast just days after GOP delegates in the nation’s largest red state approved the new platform, which President Joe Biden also erroneously labels as an “acting” commander in chief and says Texas has “the right reserves to secede from the United States.”

“My experience is, you know, the Republican Party is inclusive. And so I’m not doing it — I wouldn’t have supported that, which they did,” Scott said when pressing the homophobic language, which he said was not inclusive. He also reiterated that he accepts Biden’s election.

The platform, which falsely claims Biden was “not legitimately elected,” underscores how far Republicans have moved to the right in Texas and how deep Former President Donald Trump’s Lies About the 2020 Election are established in the party.

No evidence has emerged to support Trump’s claims of stolen elections, which have dismissed senior government officials, judges and even senior members of the former president’s own campaign staff. indeed, a Associated Press Review of every potential voter fraud case in six battlefield states contested by Trump, fewer than 475 cases were found in all — a number that would have made no difference to the outcome.

Scott, who heads the Senate National Republican Committee, has been reluctant to criticize fellow Republicans as he works to turn the Senate around in November. Scott said he believes the party can win 54 seats and regain control of the chamber amid rising inflation and Biden’s low approval ratings.

On Wednesday, he again dismissed growing concerns about the eligibility of two Republican Senate candidates: Herschel Walker, the party’s Georgia nominee, and former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, who is seeking the Republican nomination in a highly competitive Aug. 2 primaries. to replace. GOP Sen. Roy Blunt.

Greits, who? resigned in disgrace in 2018recently released a campaign video showing him brandishing a shotgun and stating that he hunts RINOs — a pejorative term meaning “Republicans in name only.” that he had not previously publicly recognized

Scott, who has declined to take sides in the party’s primaries, said it was up to voters to choose their nominees but predicted Walker would win against incumbent Democratic Raphael Warnock in November.

As for Greitens, Scott said he hadn’t seen the campaign video, but said, “I don’t believe we should ever be promoting violence.”

Still, he was optimistic about the chances of the eventual nominee.

“I think Missouri will make a good choice. And I think whoever they choose will be the Republican senator from Missouri,” he said. “There’s no reason to believe that we won’t win Missouri, whoever our candidate is there. see what happens.”

As for the Texas platform, he said, “Any state party has the right to make whatever decision they want.”

“I don’t tell people what to run on,” he added. “We show people where the public is. But every state has different problems. And they should be concerned with the problems that matter to them.”

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