Trump loyalist Mo Brooks — rejected by Trump and reeling from a Senate primary loss — now says he will testify about the Capitol riots if subpoenaed

Rep.  Mo Brooks, R-Ala., will hold a press conference at the Capitol Visitor Center on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

Rep. Mo Brooks failed in his 2022 Senate bid after losing his Alabama primary to Katie Britt, a candidate backed by Donald Trump.Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

  • Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama says he is willing to testify before the Jan. 6 panel if subpoenaed.

  • Brooks had previously blown away a letter from the panel in May calling on him to testify.

  • Until recently, he was a staunch ally of Donald Trump, even begging him to back his Senate bid.

Rep. Mo Brooks, a former ally of former President Donald Trump, said he is willing to testify before the House panel investigating the Capitol uprising if subpoenaed.

Speak with CNN on Wednesday, Brooks said he would be open to public testimonials.

“My basic requirement is that it’s in public so the public can see it — so that bits and pieces don’t trickle out,” Brooks told the outlet. The legislator added that he would like to review all documents he could be questioned about and would speak only on issues related to the events of January 6, 2021.

Rep. Bennie Thompson, chair of the Jan. 6 panel, told CNN Brooks had not yet received a subpoena. However, Thompson said the subpoena was “done again”.

“So we’re either doing it again or it’s already out the door,” Thompson told CNN on Wednesday.

Thompson told The Hill that Brooks didn’t get his previous subpoena because he had been on the campaign trail, adding that subpoenas are valid for a limited time before having to be redone.

Up to this point, Brooks did not cooperate with the panel of January 6after he rejected a letter from the commission calling him to testify in May.

In July 2021, Brooks told a reporter he wore body armor to the pro-Trump rally? at the Ellipse just before the Capitol riots. At the time, Brooks said he slept on the floor of his office and wore a “nice windbreaker” to cover the body armor after being warned of “risks”.

Though Brooks was once a staunch ally of Trump, the lawmaker has had a tumultuous relationship with the former president in recent months.

On Wednesday, Brooks lost his Republican primary in Alabama after being thrashed by Katie Britta Trump-backed candidate.

For the loss, Brooks criticized Trump as having “no loyalty to anything or anyone but himself”. After his failed Senate bid, Brooks also said the “bad guys won” and… accused Trump of doing nothing unless it “improves his wallet or ego”.

Brooks’ changed mind about Trump came just a week after he… sent out a public appeal to his supporters to try and get Trump to re-enact him† Trump eventually endorsed Britt instead of.

In March, Trump withdrawn his approval from Brooks after Brooks suggested that the GOP look forward to 2022 and stop re-advocating the 2020 elections† At the time, Trump said Brooks had “woke up” and withdrew his support for him.

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