Exclusive fighting game announcements and more coming to PlayStation Tournaments: Evo Lounge this weekend

The old tradition at Evo is that big fighting game announcements are saved for finals day, but that seems to be changing.

Sony announced today that they will host the PlayStation Tournaments: Evo Lounge this weekend at Evo 2022, promising exclusive announcements, coverage and more.

“The Evo Lounge will feature premium show coverage, bracket updates, player interviews, and exciting content and reveals from developers and publishers, such as Arc System Works, Warner Bros. Games, Capcom, SNK, and Bandai Namco Entertainment, as well as all the latest. news from the scene with professional players and casters,” reads the PlayStation blog post. “Viewers will be treated to the latest news on our favorite games and a few sneak peeks of what’s ahead.”

Fighting game fans pretty much already knew that Capcom and SNK would have new things to show off Street Fighter 6 and The King of Fighters 15 respectively, but now we have clear confirmation that ArcSys, Warner Bros. and Bandai Namco will indeed participate in those festivities.

While your first thought of WB may be NetherRealm Studios’ next fighting game, it’s probably not more likely that their reveals will be for the newly released MultiVersus, especially considering that WB is also hosting a huge side tournament on Evo.

Bamco has 2 mainstage fighting games between Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball FighterZ this year, but since both games seem to be done receiving new content, whatever they plan to unveil is likely a new title.

Just because announcements will be made during the Evo Lounge doesn’t mean there won’t be anything left for the Sunday finals, as the PlayStation stream will only be active for the first 2 days of the event, August 5th. 6.

This will be the first year that Sony has co-owned an offline Evo after purchasing the historic tournament series alongside RTS in March 2021.

So the new Evo Lounge seems to be an aspect of the event that the new management wants to change.

The Evo Lounge live streams are available on PlayStation’s twitch and YouTube channels while Evo 2022 itself takes place August 5-7 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Submitted by Vinny Aguiar.

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